Success factors for an innovative corporate culture in your SME

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Innovation is a mindset, not a process

How often do you ask yourself if your strategy is still in line with your mission? How long has it been since you took another look at your organization? Are your employees still satisfied or rather indifferent? Then now is the time to renew your strategy together with your employees.

In a rapidly changing world, you have to keep innovating. Future-proof organizations understand the art of constantly reinventing themselves. Essential to this is an ingrained innovation culture within your organization, so that innovation is embedded in the DNA of every employee.

In this infographic, I give you some preliminary tips on how to encourage innovation in your employees.

Innovation mindset for your SME employees

Challenges for innovation in your SME

Short-term thinking

If, as an SME, you continue to work "in the moment," there is a high risk of addressing problems as they arise. This is pernicious for innovation because one remains stuck in a conservative mindset. With this mindset, it is "business as usual" and growth opportunities are not spotted. If you want to grow as an SME, you have to dare to push the pause button and completely rewrite your strategy from a helicopter view and make sure that digitization is part becomes of your new strategy and not an addition to your existing strategy.

HR Strategy

A major challenge facing a lot of SMEs is the recruitment and retention of employees. With the tightening labor market, retaining good employees becomes a challenge. This also requires an innovative HR policy that is aligned with the new way of working. As mentioned above, employees must agree with the mission and vision of the organization for them to see you as a good employer. This makes for loyal, motivated and efficient employees.

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