Who are we?

INNOVITA is a collaboration of two former colleagues. We found each other thanks to our passion for creativity, innovation and connection. The combination of our HR & Marketing expertise, gives a holistic view of an organization and its employees. 

We boost creativity and embed an innovative mindset in the DNA of organizations. We call ourselves catalysts for - externally and internally - customer-oriented thinking and doing.

Innovita, Anita Dierckx and Dries Deleenheer

Our vision

We want to stay relevant by responding flexibly to this highly volatile era's many rapid evolutions.

Our mission

We want to help organizations transform into flexible, customer- and people-oriented organizations by developing an organizational culture that embeds innovation, creativity and agility.

Anita Dierckx of Innovita

Anita Dierckx

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Dries Deleenheer of Innovita

Dries Deleenheer

Creativity is connecting the seemingly unconnected

Innovita: new life for your business

The world turns at lightning speed today, many entrepreneurs feel like they are out of step and being passed by.
Source: Fokus (Knack)