Design thinking workshop

Innovation can be learned

Innovation, the buzzword that pops up everywhere and all the time. Everyone is working on it ... or are they?

Within your company you are also working on it, just not really consistently. Operational matters are still your priority and remain so. Yet you feel that innovation is essential in creating maximum value for your customer/end user.

How do you boost your internal innovation culture now, without making your operational pursuits suffer? How do you bring innovation into the DNA of your employees?

Design Thinking Workshop from Innovita

Use a process to change the mindset

Successful innovation always starts from the needs, wants and expectations of the customer. Design thinking also focuses on the customer and starts from the problem statement.

The design thinking process consists of five steps, where you can return to earlier steps at any time.

  • In order for you to understand the customer's pains and expectations, you need to put yourself in your customer's shoes. What does your client see, hear and feel? What does he dream about?
  • You analyze all available info from the empathic phase with the goal of defining a core problem.
  • In the first phase, you generate a multitude of ideas. 
  • In a second phase, you cluster and prioritize ideas based on a good balance for these criteria: attractive, feasible & affordable.
  • You then develop a test version or sketch of your product or service; this can be a low-cost and/or simplified version of your final product.
  • In the final stage, you engage with your customer: he tests your prototype while you observe and record feedback. 
  • If necessary, modify your prototype and let your customer test again until your product is ready for implementation. Sometimes the feedback provides a totally different perspective on the problem statement, which then also brings out unexpected solutions.

Design thinking

Everyone at work

During the workshop we go through the entire process of design thinking. Using recognizable cases and exercises, you immediately get a sense of how design thinking can lead to a mindset change in your company.

Because each participant interacts with each step of the process, it also quickly becomes clear who is best suited for which step of the process.

Some are better at customer analysis, others feel like a fish in water when they can spout innovative ideas, and still others are energized by testing new concepts and ideas.

Our design thinking workshop boosts your creativity

Through brainstorming techniques, you will be challenged to think out-of-the-box and generate a multitude of ideas from different angles. You will then create a prototype and verify that it meets the 3 criteria to be viable.

You will leave the workshop with lots of inspiration and a sense of urgency to get started with design thinking.

Innovita's approach: always surprising and results-oriented.

Everyone benefits

By putting your customer first, and coming up with solutions from an understanding of their problem, they feel engaged and valued. The short iterations allow the customer to evaluate the result very quickly.

Through short iterations with prototypes, you reduce the development costs of your new product/service. Your employees feel more involved and more engaged, which positively affects job satisfaction.

Also for your domain?

Design thinking is powerful not only as an engine for innovation in products and services, but also in any domain where people think and act in a customer-centric way. Our FREE infographic takes a closer look at some application domains.