Workshop Creativity and Innovation

You want to get ahead of competitors, who themselves are not standing still. But on the shop floor, creativity still often bumps up against invisible walls. Rigid processes, fear of change and lack of room for innovation stifle the best ideas. 

This workshop is the injection of energy you need to break down those walls.

From inspiration to implementation

During our workshop, through a combination of powerful storytelling, interactive moments and telling cases, you will be given the right tools to implement and embed an Innovative and Creative Culture in your organization.

We substantiate how valuable Design Thinking is as a catalyst for fostering an innovative and creative culture.

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On Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The workshop consists of 3 building blocks

Design Thinking Workshop by Innovita

The need for an Innovative and Creative Culture

  • Introducing Design Thinking
  • Why and how Design Thinking can turn problems into opportunities
  • Design Thinking as a mindset
  • "Sweet spot" of Innovation
The Organizational Transformation Process by InnoVita

Design Thinking
on the job

  • The stages of the process: 
    - Understand
    - Define
    - Generating ideas
    - Prototypes
    - Testing
  • How to build successes and avoid pitfalls?
The Strategic Workforce Management process by InnoVita.

Implementation and embedding of Innovative leadership.

  • Roles and responsibilities in an innovative organization
  • Core Skills to facilitate an innovative culture
  • Creative approaches to embedding an innovative culture

Your creative team for sustainable impact

Anita Dierckx & Bob Delbecque

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Bob Delbecque

Bob Delbecque

Bob Delbecque, is a visionary pioneer in the field of business transformation. Bob knows how to inspire and motivate his audience time and again.

Whether it's implementing "Design Thinking" or "redefining" corporate cultures, Bob gives you positive energy and you immediately want to get to work "innovating" your organization!

Anita Dierckx

Anita Dierckx is the inspiration when it comes to creativity and innovation. With her unparalleled passion for discovering new possibilities and fanning creative sparks, Anita knows how to surprise and motivate time and again.

Her unique approach combines knowledge with a playful spirit, creating an environment where ideas flourish and innovation thrives. Anita is the source of inspiration you need to fuel your creative fire and break new ground.

Anita Dierckx of Innovita
Innovita: your path to your organization's resurgence

Creativity & innovation workshop

Plan of

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

We bring our workshop using storytelling, humor and real-life examples.
We demonstrate how we apply the concepts of Design Thinking to innovation and leadership.
We clarify the role of Design Thinking in driving innovation through short exercises.

Innovita provides business transformation from an innovative mindset.


And assure your business of a creative future

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