Organization Management

In an organization, the freedom not to do what one is responsible for and to do what one is not responsible for is a very dangerous freedom.

Organization design

We advise you in designing, changing and optimizing the organizational structure. Starting from your mission statement, we draw together a (new) structure, whether or not in the context of a reorganization. We propose the necessary activities and roles in an 'organizational chart', in a form that takes into account your strategy and desired corporate culture. This can range from a classic hierarchical structure to a model based on self-management.

If you need to change your organizational structure due to changing circumstances (e.g., market environment), we will help you create a target organization on point, which determines the ideal number of positions and becomes a kind of compass in making HR decisions. This structure, under any form, is always adaptable to changing circumstances.

To achieve this, we facilitate workshops with management teams and HR teams. This is how we support you in making your organization more efficient and effective.

Role design

We describe roles in terms of contribution, responsibilities, interactions and required competencies.

Then we value their "weight" using the Hay method, which allows each role to be assigned to a pay scale and is used worldwide. This allows you to rank the various roles in your organization and use them for purposes of human resource management and especially to substantiate and benchmark pay ratios. This leads to greater internal equity.

We pour all of this into an easy-to-read role atlas, say a "job home" that is completely customized for your organization.


In our approach, we move away from traditional task-oriented job descriptions. These are rigid, do not respond to volatile environments and give little attention to the impact of a person's role nor their contribution to the bigger picture. Instead, we start from generic "roles" and clarify their contribution to your company's vision.

These roles are sustainable; they "survive" the rapid change of job content and of their priorities. And they allow job crafting We start from giving autonomy to and placing initiative with the employee. Based on his or her own passion, energy and talent, he or she looks for the best "role" to contribute and has the direction to switch when the organization and the changing context demand it.

Change management

In case of reorganizations, we are there to assist you in the implementation in the HR area: abolishment of functions, reorientation of employees, exit interviews, salary policy, internal communication, social relations, ...

Both during the design of your organizational structure and roles and during their implementation, your wishes are always at the center: our expertise is aimed at underpinning them with well thought-out and working actions.

Innovita's approach: always surprising and results-oriented.