Is your company in danger of missing the boat?

Standing still is going backwards. Especially in today's, digital times, your business must be with you. NOW is the time to transform into a customer- and people-oriented organization. With the help of Innovita you will be back on track in no time.

Innovita: Annita Dierckx and Dries Deleenheer

Innovita is your business consultant, the path to change

Companies contact us, when they feel they are out of step. Because their competitors always seem to be a few steps ahead. Or because even internal cooperation is not running smoothly.

Innovita puts you decisively on the path to that much-needed transformation. Indeed, surviving in our constantly changing world requires a different mindset. Successful organizations stay one step ahead of their competitors by keeping their customer-centric interaction and innovation. And by focusing on the people and taking advantage of everyone's specific talents. And we can help with that.

Innovita provides business transformation from an innovative mindset.

Towards a flexible, customer- and people-oriented organization

You will receive the guidance you need from us,
tailored to your business.
Together we put your organization back on track.

After a thorough review of your business and conversations with you, your employees and your customers, we know the perspectives of all involved.

From this knowledge, we define the problem and provide solutions. Our focus is always on the people, both inside the company (the employees), and outside the company (the customers).

Then we guide you through the transformation. You are not alone.

Innovita, your transformation consultant

According to the principles of the Design Thinking process, we lead your company to transformation. 
In 9 clear steps, we are happy to explain how we proceed.

The realization

You realize that something needs to be done because your business is out of step. You feel like you've missed the boat.

The conversation

You invite Innovita for a no-obligation consultation and explain why you are convinced you need a transformation consultant. What is the expected outcome?
Do we find each other in an engaging conversation and think we can help you? Then we are happy to shift to the next gear.

The timing

In consultation, we will determine the timing of the entire process. When can we start the interviews? When will people be available? How will the interviews be scheduled?

The solution

We launch a multitude of ideas that can provide a solution to the stated core problem. The ideas are ranked and evaluated based on a number of criteria such as attractiveness, feasibility, affordability and sustainability.   

The identification

The core problem is identified and defined based on the information obtained during the vetting process.

The vetting process

We start with a vetting of the company.

  • What resonates with the staff?
  • What does management think?
  • Do these correspond to each other?
  • What is the culture of the company like? 
  • How is work being done today?
  • How does the customer experience the collaboration?

The decision

Of all the possible ideas and solutions put forward, the most appropriate one must be chosen for implementation. In the decision-making process, we involve management, employees as well as customers.

The guidance

In cooperation with the various departments, the solution is implemented step by step. Innovita provides the necessary guidance to employees, management and possible third parties when, for example, a digital transformation with a new tool is also involved.

Did you miss the boat? Innovita will put you back on the right course.

The transformation

The end result is a successful (digital) transformation, with a happy employer, a happy employee and very many happily surprised customers. We wish you all a good sailing!

Innovita: your path to your organization's resurgence

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Innovita provides business transformation from an innovative mindset.

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Filip De Soete about InnoVita

Filip De Soete

Payroll and Comp&Ben Manager MediaMarkt

During the past year, MediaMarkt Holding Belux has set up several short-term projects in collaboration with Dries Deleenheer. Within a deontological framework, Dries proceeds on the basis of a fine job analysis, attention to every detail, absolute discretion, the search for added value and the preparation of professional reporting. The right Hay-level is the result of his final study.

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From his experience within various sectors, he knows better than anyone to propose the appropriate job comparison. If you want a report in Dutch, French or English, you have come to the right place with Dries. MediaMarkt started the cooperation with Dries, we continue it. A reference within the field of job weighing for every company!

Christoph Van Doninck

Customer Relations Expert; International Guest Speaker

In a structured and reasoned way, Anita brought us into the mindset of thinking from the customer's perspective. This way we brought depth and refinement to our offer resulting in better attraction of new prospects. Her holistic thinking inspired us and her passion and drive worked contagiously in this interactive workshop. Warmly recommended!"