LINKING LEADERSHIP, a challenge for sustainable management

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Meet the challenge and become a connecting leader: In this post-covid era, it is important that we begin to see leadership through a different lens. We are faced with unexpected situations whose consequences assume unprecedented proportions. How to deal with that as a leader is not an exact science. From my experience, I will give you some tips that have helped me.

TIP 1: Trial and error

As a leader, accept the situation, evaluate and then look at how to get the organization back on track. Don't do this alone, but involve your employees as well as your customers. Not infrequently they have other insights and come up with ideas from a different angle. One of the techniques that can help you with this is the "Design Thinking" approach.

TIP 2: Hurry and haste is seldom good

In today's unpredictable situation, it's OK to take a break and step back. Consider whether your mission, vision and strategy need to be adjusted to the new situation. You don't come up with a new strategy in 1-2-3. So do your homework. Make a competitive analysis and do a risk analysis. Consult an expert who can assist you in this; nothing is more valuable than a good sounding board.

TIP 3: Honesty is the best policy

It may be a cliché, but more relevant today than ever. Be transparent in your communications to your employees, your suppliers and your partners. Make sure that what you communicate is transparent and authentic, even if you have to convey negative messages. Don't make assumptions, but stick to the facts. Prepare yourself with a good communication plan; determine beforehand which channels you will use to your target groups.

TIP 4: People First

Show empathy. Make your employees feel that you care about them by empathizing with their feelings and thoughts. Create a climate where concerns can be safely discussed. Bring your informal coffee chats to a video conferencing platform. Use this not only for operational matters, but also to actually care about the well-being of your employees and your customers. 

TIP 5: Keep the church in the middle

As a leader, it is important that you always balance the interests of all your stakeholders. In times of Corona, put your employees first, but don't lose sight of your other stakeholders. Your customers and suppliers are also affected by the Corona measures and are more than ever entitled to clear and honest communication. This way you maintain contact with them and stay "top of mind."



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