How to T H R I V E a human-centric approach to Transformation?

Innovita zorgt voor business transformatie vanuit een creatieve mindset.

The acronym T H R I V E perfectly describes how organizations can foster a human-centric approach to transformation while promoting engagement, growth, and well-being.

T – Trust-building:

Establish trust as the foundation of the transformation process. Foster open communication, transparency, and integrity to build trust between leaders and employees.

H – Holistic approach:

Take a holistic approach that considers the multidimensional aspects of individuals’ well-being, including physical, emotional health and professional growth.

R – Relationship-building:

Foster positive relationships among team members, leaders, and stakeholders. Encourage collaboration, empathy, and mutual support to create an inclusive work environment.

I – Individual empowerment:

Empower individuals by giving them autonomy, decision-making authority, and opportunities to contribute their unique skills and strengths to the transformation journey.

V – Value-driven culture:

Cultivate a value-driven culture that aligns with the purpose and vision of the transformation. Encourage ethical behaviour, respect, diversity, and a sense of purpose to drive engagement and commitment.

E – Engagement and motivation:

Promote employee engagement and motivation by involving them in decision-making, recognizing their contributions, and providing opportunities for growth and learning.


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