Employer branding

Employer Branding If the reputation of a company's products and services is its face, the talent brand is its heart and soul. Hank Stringer & Rusty Rueff How do you attract the right people with the right talents and values? How do you increase the engagement and involvement of your current employees? And how do you [...]

Culture transformation

Culture Transformation Few things are as dangerous to a company's successful future as a successful past. Peter Drucker This long-term journey helps implement and embed a new corporate culture to make your organization and employees resilient in a volatile marketplace. A culture transformation journey In a transformation journey, everyone carries their [...]

Strategic Workforce Management

Strategic Workforce Management Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Step by step We apply a step-by-step process with you to determine what your organization's workforce capacity (sizing) should be in the medium and long term, based on your strategy and target organization, so that: you can plan when which positions need to be staffed [...]

Organization Management

Organization management Organization management In an organization, the freedom not to do what one is responsible for and to do what one is not responsible for is a very dangerous freedom. Dirk Beeuwsaert Organization design We advise you in designing, changing and optimizing the organizational structure. Starting from your mission statement, together we draw out a (new) structure, [...]

Mission, vision, strategy and values

Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. Steve Jobs The difference between mission and vision Your organization's mission and vision clearly and unmistakably portray your identity. They explain [...]

Design thinking

Design thinking workshop Innovation can be learned Innovation, the buzzword that pops up everywhere and all the time. Everyone is working on it ... or are they? Within your company you are working on it too, just not consistently. Operational matters are still your priority and remain so. Yet, you feel that innovation of [...]

Innovita: new life for your business

The world turns at lightning speed today, many entrepreneurs feel like they are out of step and being passed by.
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